Coffee Lounge: Coffee and Chocolate Pairing

Start: 14 Apr 2018 | 13:00 - 14:00
Category: Venue: Coffee Lounge @ Indus Lower Floor. Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud (Google Maps)
Cost: IDR50,000

The rich aroma of freshly brewed single origin Indonesian coffee paired with top quality, single origin Indonesian chocolate: irresistible. Join Co-founder of Pipiltin Cocoa, Tissa Aunilla, Balinese farmer, coffee roaster and Founder of Arca Coffee Garden, Wayan Arca, and Founder of Australia’s Five Senses Coffee, Shaughan Dunne, for a masterclass in matching these gifts from the gods.

Aroma kaya dari racikan kopi Indonesia disandingkan dengan cokelat Indonesia berkualitas tinggi: tak dapat ditolak. Bergabung dengan Co-founder Pipiltin Cocoa, Tissa Aunilla, petani asal Bali, coffee roaster, dan Founder Arca Coffee Garden, Wayan Arca, serta Founder dari Five Senses Coffee Australia, Shaughan Dunne, untuk sebuah masterclass yang mengkombinasikan cokelat dan kopi ini.


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