Food for Thought: Spice Up the World

Start: 26 Apr 2019 | 09:30 - 10:30
Category: / Venue: Joglo. Festival Hub @Taman Kuliner (Google Maps)
Cost: Free

“We chose the theme Spice Up the World to show food lovers across the globe that it’s time they added some Indonesian dishes to their favorites, and through this, learn something about Indonesia.” – Janet DeNeefe. Get ready for a feast of ideas to spice up the world with Indonesian cuisine.

“Kami memilih tema Spice Up the World untuk menunjukkan kepada para pencinta makanan di seluruh dunia bahwa sudah waktunya mereka menambahkan beberapa hidangan Indonesia ke dalam daftar favorit mereka.” – Janet DeNeefe. Bersiaplah untuk sebuah perayaan ide untuk menjadikan hidangan Indonesia mendunia.


Ade Putri Paramadita – Culinary Storyteller

Ade Putri Paramadita is the host of Akarasa, a VICE Indonesia web series. A food writer, food stylist, F&B consultant, owner of Kedai Aput and Co-founder of Beergembira, Ade is …

Wan Windi Lestari – Creative Director Aceh Culinary Festival

Wan Windi Lestari is Creative Director of Aceh Culinary Festival (ACF), an initiative of Aceh’s Culture and Tourism Office. ACF works with hundreds of small culinary businesses to promote Acehnese culinary culture. Since 2014, Wan Windi has also collected many traditional recipes …

Dra. Irmayani – Aceh Culture & Tourism Office

As the Head of the History and Culture Department of Aceh’s Culture and Tourism Office, Dra. Irmayani focuses on preserving and promoting traditional Acehnese culinary culture by working closely with all members of the culinary community. She has been involved in …

Janet DeNeefe – UFF Founder & Director

Melbourne-born Janet DeNeefe, Founder & Director of Ubud Food Festival and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, has lived in Bali for more than three decades. Her latest book is Bali: …