Food for Thought: Waste Not Want Not

Start: 27 Apr 2019 | 09:30 - 10:30
Category: / Venue: Joglo. Festival Hub @Taman Kuliner (Google Maps)
Cost: Free

Indonesia is the world’s second largest food waster, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Despite this, 19.4 million Indonesians are still unable to meet their daily dietary needs. What are some of the best solutions to decrease food wastage and increase food access and security? Join these eco-friendly experts to find out.

Indonesia adalah penghasil limbah makanan terbesar kedua di dunia, menurut Economist Intellegence Unit. Meskipun demikian, 19.4 juta orang Indonesia masih belum mampu memenuhi kebutuhan makanan mereka sehari-hari. Apakah solusi terbaik untuk mengurangi pemborosan makanan dan meningkatkan akses dan kedaulatan pangan? Bergabunglah dengan para ahli ramah lingkungan ini untuk mencari tahu jawabannya.


Aretha Aprilia – Waste Management & Energy Specialist

Aretha Aprilia is the Waste Management & Energy Specialist at engineering company CDM Smith for the German Development Bank (KfW) project. She has previously worked for the United Nations Environment …

Murdijati Gardjito, Prof. Dr. Ir. – Gadjah Mada University

Murdijati Gardjito has written more than 60 books about Indonesian culinary culture, and is passionate about researching the correlation between local and national Indonesian food. She is proud that Indonesia …

Gill Westaway – Food Lover & Guesthouse Owner

Gill Westaway lives on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, and runs a small guesthouse. In her former incarnation working for the British Council, she collaborated closely with writers and artists …