Foundations for Change

Start: 26 Jun 2022 | 13:15 - 14:15
Category: Venue: Rumah Kayu @Taman Kuliner. Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud (Google Maps)

In Bali, the Green Revolution of the 1970s and introduction of agrochemicals to increase rice yields proved detrimental to the soil, ecosystem, and long term rice productivity. The Begawan rice cultivation project implements a locally adapted regenerative approach, focusing on restoring the degraded soil and increasing the rice yield with a goal to create regenerative rice farming. Rikolto Indonesia empowers smallholder rice farmers to improve their business through sustainable rice cultivation.

Di Bali, Revolusi Hijau tahun 1970-an dan pengenalan bahan kimia pertanian untuk meningkatkan hasil padi terbukti merusak tanah, ekosistem, dan produktivitas padi dalam jangka panjang. Proyek budidaya padi Begawan menerapkan pendekatan regeneratif yang diadaptasi secara lokal, dengan fokus pada pemulihan tanah yang terdegradasi dan meningkatkan hasil padi dengan tujuan untuk menciptakan pertanian padi yang regeneratif. Rikolto Indonesia memberdayakan petani padi skala kecil untuk meningkatkan usahanya melalui budidaya padi yang berkelanjutan.


Catur Utami Dewi

Rikolto Catur Utami Dewi is the Director of the Global Rice Programme of Rikolto, a Belgium-based international NGO active in 18 countries on four continents to improve sustainable food systems. …

I Made Chakra

Sustainable Agriculture Developer I Made Chakra was born to a rice farming family near Ubud in 1973, coincidentally the same year the so-called Green Revolution introduced chemical farming to Bali. …

Kadek Sri Purnami

Food Lover Kadek Purnami is a culture and culinary enthusiast. She has worked as an event planner for the past two decades and has organized arts, cultural, literature, culinary, and …

Amanda Katilli Niode

Director of The Climate Reality Project Indonesia, Amanda Katili, is a certified executive coach and mentor on climate and sustainability. She often partners with individuals, organizations, and corporations to raise …

Tantrie Soetjipto

Tantrie Soetjipto has 32 years of experience in managing finance, hospitality, climate change initiatives, gastronomy and community, and women’s empowerment. Currently, she is the President Commissioner of Panin Dubai Syariah …