Italy United! Chef’s and Artisan’s Table

Start: 24 Jun 2022 | 18:30 - 21:00
Category: Venue: Indus Restaurant. Jl. Raya Sanggingan Ubud. Jl. Raya Sanggingan (Google Maps)
Cost: IDR 580,000 BUY TICKET

Join us for a lively celebration of Bali’s finest Italian artisan producers and Italy-trained Chef Theodora Hurustiati of Padma Resort Ubud. Start with aperitivo and artisan cocktails, featuring Italian cheese-maker Ilios Andreadakis of Gioia Cheese fame, who will serve his famous freshly made mozzarella, feast on Italian classics by Chef Theodora, and finish up with desserts with Primo Chocolate by Pepe Verdacchi and Gaya Gelato. Ramadani Prasetya from Island Organics will provide an abundance of organic produce and Giotto Castiglioni, the mind behind Isola Wines, will pair your meal. Meet the makers, meet the chef and celebrate Italy’s culinary contribution to Bali. This is how Italians like to eat. Mangiamo!

Bergabunglah dengan kami untuk perayaan yang meriah dari produsen pengrajin Italia terbaik di Bali dan Chef Theodora Hurustiati dari Padma Resort Ubud yang terlatih di Italia. Mulailah dengan aperitivo dan artisan cocktail, yang menampilkan pembuat keju Italia Ilios Andreadakis dari Gioia Cheese yang terkenal, yang akan menyajikan mozzarella barunya yang terkenal, menikmati hidangan klasik Italia oleh Chef Theodora, dan diakhiri dengan hidangan penutup dengan Primo Chocolate oleh Pepe Verdacchi dan Gaya Gelato. Ramadani Prasetya dari Island Organics akan menyediakan banyak produk organik dan Giotto Castiglioni, pencipta Isola Wines, akan melengkapi makanan Anda. Temui pembuatnya, temui kokinya, dan rayakan kontribusi kuliner Italia ke Bali. Inilah cara makan orang Italia. Mangamo!

Inclusions: Aperol Spritz on arrival – 4 courses family style


Theodora Hurustiati

Padma Resort Ubud Born in Jakarta to a multicultural family, Theodora Hurustiati has embraced diversity from an early age. She lived in Italy for 18 years before moving to Bali …

Giuseppe Verdacchi

PRIMO Chocolab Bali Giuseppe Verdacchi began his chocolate journey in the decade leading up to 2008 when he set up PRIMO with the goal of sourcing and producing the best …

Gusde Verdacchi

PRIMO Chocolab Bali Gusde Verdacchi is motivated to maintain Primo’s mission of producing the best chocolates possible in the archipelago. Gusde, being half-Balinese/half-Italian and the son of Primo’s founder Giuseppe, …

Giotto Castiglioni

Isola Wines Giotto Castiglioni is the creator and developer of Isola wines by Cantine Balita, a project set up in 2015 that aims to bring Balinese wine to a global …

Ilios Andreadakis

Gioia Cheese Ilios is an entrepreneur and business consultant with two decades of experience between South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Driven by his passion for traveling and finance, Ilios …

Ramadani Prasetya

Rama is a horticulturist who runs Island Organics Bali, the crop producers supplying Bali’s growing demand for organic vegetables, herbs and fruits: from Indonesian torch ginger, Japanese gobo, Serano chillies, …