Kitchen Stage: RISE UP! Gluten Free Baking with Mary Jane Edleson

Start: 14 Apr 2018 | 09:00 - 10:00
Category: Venue: Kitchen Stage @ Indus. Festival Hub @ Taman Kuliner (Google Maps)
Cost: International IDR150,000 | Resident IDR100,000 | Indonesian National IDR60,000 BUY TICKET FOODLOVER PASS

Sprinkled with secrets from her upcoming publication RISE UP! Gluten Free Baking, Mary Jane Edleson will present two types of unique tropical flour. Versatile and nutritious, she’ll reveal not only how to transform the flours into tasty, satisfying treats, but also how to produce them inexpensively at home.

Dengan rahasia-rahasia dari bukunya yang akan diterbitkan RISE UP! Gluten Free Baking, Mary Jane Edleson akan mempersembahkan dua jenis tepung tropikal. Serba guna dan bernutrisi, Mary akan mengungkapkan cara untuk mentransformasi tepung-tepung tersebut menjadi kudapan lezat serta bagaimana membuatnya dengan mudah dan murah di rumah.


Mary Jane Edleson – Slow Food Bali

Mary Jane Edleson, kitchen alchemist and organic gardening magician, has pursued her passion for good food through a wide range of culinary research and sustainable agriculture programs over nearly four …