Live Music: Saturday

Start: 13 May 2017 | 17:30 - 23:00
Category: / Venue: Festival Hub @ Taman Kuliner. (Google Maps)
Cost: Free

Start the night with Indian dance (supported by the Indian Cultural Centre Bali), followed by the duo blending Sundanese traditional music with flamenco guitar, Bengras, the Magic Fingers guitarist, Balawan (supported by Petani @ Alaya Resort Ubud), and acoustic dangdut band Orkes Analog (supported by Biznet).

17:30-18:00 Indian Contemporary Dance
20:00-21:00 Bengras
21:00-22:00 Balawan
22:00-23:00 Orkes Analog


Balawan – The Magic Fingers Guitarist

Renowned as one of the fastest guitarists in Indonesia and for his mastery of the double neck guitar, there’s little wonder Balawan is often dubbed the Magic Fingers Guitarist in …

Orkes Analog – Acoustic Dangdut

Orkes Analgog (Analogue Orchestra in English) formed in 2012, after they made an impromptu performance at the photography exhibition event Lomonesia Bali at the Lingkara Photo Gallery. The band comprises …

Bengras – Sundanese Traditional Meets Flamenco Guitar

Bengras is the intriguing, exhilarating musical duo comprising Momon Karman and Alif Basyaruddin. Their style is a unique blend of Sundanese traditional music from West Java and flamenco guitar. Bengras …