Smoked-Up and Home-Grown Feast at Suku

Start: 25 Jun 2022 | 18:00 - 20:30
Category: Venue: The Suku Bali. Jl. A.A. Gede Rai, Lodtunduh, Ubud (Google Maps)
Cost: IDR 575,000 BUY TICKET

Suku welcomes Indonesia’s own Vivi Millian from Riung Rasa, famous for her smoked meats and Indonesian home cooking, alongside Parti Gastronomi, brave Bandung-based gastronomy warriors passionate about their food heritage through celebrating indigenous fermented ingredients and age-old kitchen wisdom garnered from their travels meeting grandmas and village folk. Sit back and savour an exceptional farm-to-table, smoked-up, funky fermentation-flavored feast, paired with local tonics and lots of storytelling.

Suku menyambut Vivi Millian dari Riung Rasa, yang terkenal dengan daging asapnya dan masakan rumahan Indonesia, bersama Parti Gastronomi, pejuang kuliner pemberani dari Bandung yang antusias tentang warisan makanan mereka dengan menjunjung tinggi bahan-bahan asli dan kearifan dapur tradisional yang dikumpulkan dari pertemuan mereka dengan tetua dan orang desa. Duduk dan nikmati pesta kebun-ke-meja yang luar biasa yang dipadukan dengan tonik lokal dan banyak kisah.

Inclusions: Shared plates of half smoked chicken, octopus, dessert, and two glasses of cocktail or mocktail


Vivilya Millian

Riung Rasa Vivilya Millian is a self-taught cook born and raised in Bandung. During the pandemic, she opened Riung Rasa alongside her husband, focusing on Indonesian food and slow and …

Arifin Windarman

Patri Gastronomi Arifin Windarman is a well-known figure in the Bandung creative and culinary scene, from his well-known brands UNKL347 and Atelier Studio to his current focus Parti Gastronomi. Parti …

Hardian Eko Nurseto

Parti Gastronomi A lecturer and researcher in Food and Culture Anthropology at Padjadjaran University, Hardian Eko Nurseto focuses on investigating how our eating behaviors are influenced by religion, ethnicity, and …

Reyza Ramadhan

Parti Gastronomi An agriculture practitioner, Reyza Ramadhan joined the Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO) in Indonesia as national personnel. Reyza’s work is focused on creating innovation …

Ida Bagus Gustu Pratama

The Suku Bali Gustu is a professional chef with a rich background in several of Bali’s top culinary establishments. Starting his career at Ayana, he later moved to the Ritz …