Special Event: Spice Girls hosted by Chris Salans

Start: 17 Apr 2020 | 18:00 - 21:00
Category: Venue: Spice By Chris Salans. Jl. Raya Ubud (Google Maps)
Cost: IDR 850,000 BUY TICKET

Audra Morrice and Euis Isnawati spice up the kitchen with a six-course Southeast Asian tasting menu of dumplings, steamed bao buns, sticky pork belly and more at Chris Salans’ famous street-side eatery. Mixologist Amelia Azzai will swizzle and serve her award-winning cocktails.

Price includes six-course tasting menu with two cocktails.


Audra Morrice – MasterChef Singapore Judge

Chef, author, and producer of all-natural, gluten-free products, Audra Morrice was a MasterChef Australia 2012 finalist and is currently a MasterChef Singapore judge. Her cooking series, Tasty Conversations, is on …

Amelia Azzai – Ismaya Group

Amelia is an award-winning mixologist whose bartending career has included five-star hotels and prestigious establishments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. She has appeared in bartending award platforms in Jakarta, the …

Euis Isnawati – Sequoia

Euis Isnawati, from Bogor, is part of a new generation of young women chefs who are translating Indonesian home cooking into a creative fine dining experience. She has worked in …

Chris Salans – The Master Chef

Chris Salans hailed from three Michelin-starred restaurants in France and the United States before creating his pioneering style of French cuisine-meets-Balinese flavors at Spice by Chris Salans and Ubud’s award-winning …