Think, Talk, Taste: Bali’s Ceremonial Food

Start: 14 May 2017 | 10:00 - 11:00
Category: / Venue: Joglo. Festival Hub @Taman Kuliner (Google Maps)
Cost: Free

For the Balinese, food and ceremony go hand in hand. Colors, sounds and smells have the power to conjure memories long past, bringing back moments that may otherwise be lost. Listen in as these culinary guides stir the ever-simmering pot of Balinese ceremonial foods and their spiritual significance.

Bagi masyarakat Bali, makanan dan upacara selalu hadir berdampingan. Warna, suara, dan aroma memiliki kekuatan dalam membawa memori dan momen yang telah hilang. Dengarkan para pemandu kuliner ini saat mereka mengaduk panci-panci makanan upacara Bali dan hubungannya secara spiritual.


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