Agung Dilayana – Ubud Coffee Weekend

Coffee lover Agung Dilayana started his career in the coffee industry in 1996 as a Q grader for Balinese coffee. After studying the roasting process, he became a consultant and in 2015, he opened his own business, Lavana Coffee.

Pencinta kopi Agung Dilayana memulai karirnya di industri kopi pada tahun 1996 sebagai Q grader untuk kopi Bali. Setelah mempelajari roasting process, ia menjadi konsultan dan pada 2015, ia membuka bisnisnya sendiri, Lavana Coffee.

Appearing In

Masterclass: Introduction to Coffee

Go on an aromatic coffee journey with Agung Dilayana, Ubud Coffee Weekend’s roasting expert and qualified coffee consultant. Understand and identify the differences between Bali’s Robusta and Arabica beans and …

Private: Food for Thought: From Crop to Cup

Meet Ayu Sudana from Bali Beans, Bali’s youngest female coffee farmer, and Agung Dilayana from Ubud Coffee Weekend, head of a community of young coffee aficionados, from farmers to retailers. …