Ben Ungermann – MasterChef Australia 2017 Runner-up

Born to a Dutch mother and Dutch-Indonesian father, Ben Ungermann’s greatest influence has always been family. In 2017 he was the MasterChef Australia Runner-up, and during the competition discovered a love and talent for desserts. He then launched his ice cream parlor Ungermann Brothers and is opening his first private dining experience in Canggu, Bali, alongside some other exciting new international projects.

Terlahir dari ibu Belanda dan ayah Belanda-Indonesia, pengaruh terbesar Ben Ungermann adalah keluarga. Pada 2017, ia menjadi Runner-up MasterChef Australia, dan selama kompetisi tersebut ia menemukan kecintaan dan bakat untuk menyajikan kudapan. Ia kemudian meluncurkan tempat produksi es krim miliknya Ungermann Brothers dan menghadirkan program untuk menikmati pengalaman bersantap secara privat yang pertama di Canggu, Bali, bersama beberapa proyek internasional baru yang menarik.

Appearing In

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Kitchen Stage: Oz’s King of Ice Cream

Ben Ungermann was Masterchef Australia 2017 Runner-Up, and during the competition discovered a love and talent for desserts. He now runs Ungermann Brothers ice cream parlor, a bona fide dessert …

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