Chef Agung Mahaputra

Chef Agung Mahaputra is an experienced chef with a passion for culinary arts. With a diverse range of training and work experiences, he has honed his skills in various establishments and has developed a deep understanding of the food production industry.

Currently, Agung Mahaputra is working at The Kayon Valley Resort, where he started his employment on 1st February 2023. As part of the team, he brings his expertise to create exquisite dishes and ensure the highest standards of quality and presentation.

Prior to his current position, Agung Mahaputra served as an F&B Production Instructor at Royal Bali College since 18th July 2022, in this role, he shared his knowledge and expertise with the future chefs, guiding them in the art of food production.

Before joining the Royal Bali College, Agung Mahaputra worked at Adiwana Resort Jembawan as a Chef de Partie in the F&B Production department. From 22nd August 2021 to 3rd July 2022, he played a crucial role in the culinary team, managing a specific section and ensuring the timely and efficient preparation of dishes.

With a strong foundation in food and beverage production, Agung Mahaputra continues to demonstrate his dedication and expertise in the culinary field. His rich experience and commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences make him a valuable asset in any culinary team.

Appearing In

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