I Wayan Juniasa

I Wayan Juniasa is an accomplished mixologist with notable achievements. He was a finalist in the 2017 Australian Bartender Guild Modern Mixologist Competition and ranked in the top 10 of the 2017 Patron Perfectionist Competition in the Sydney Region. In 2018, Juni secured 3rd place in the Australian Bartender Guild and received The Best Cocktail Presentation award. His talent has gained global recognition, being named one of the 16 Best of Indonesian World Class in 2023. Currently, as the Assistant Bar Manager at Apéritif Restaurant & Bar since Aug 2022, Juni contributes his exceptional skills and leadership to enhance the bar’s reputation for mixology and customer experiences.

I Wayan Juniasa adalah seorang mixologist berprestasi dengan pencapaian yang patut disimak. Ia adalah finalis untuk Australian Bartender Guild Modern Mixologist Competition 2017, dan masuk ke dalam daftar Top 10 dalam Patron Perfectionist Competition 2017 di wilayah Sydney. Pada 2018, Juni mengamankan posisi di peringkat ketiga dalam Australian Bartender Guild dan menerima penghargaan The Best Cocktail Presentation. Bakatnya telah mendapatkan pengakuan global, juga gelar 16 Best of Indonesian World Class pada 2023. Saat ini, sebagai Assistant Bar Manager di Apéritif Restaurant & Bar sejak Agustus 2022, Juni menyumbangkan keterampilannya dan kepemimpinannya yang luar biasa untuk meningkatkan reputasi bar tersebut di segi mixology dan pengalaman konsumen.

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