Petty Elliott – Pioneering Modern Indonesian Food

Author of Papaya Flower and Jakarta Bites cookbooks, culinary teacher and self-taught chef, Petty Elliott has pioneered a modern approach to Indonesian culinary traditions through her prolific writing, and in collaboration with Indonesian and international chefs in leading restaurants in Indonesia and abroad. She lives in England and is a member of The Guild of Food Writers UK.

Penulis Papaya Flower dan buku resep Jakarta Bites, guru kuliner dan chef otodidak, Petty Elliott telah memelopori pendekatan modern pada tradisi kuliner Indonesia melalui tulisan-tulisannya, dan bekerja sama dengan chef Indonesia dan internasional di restoran terkemuka di Indonesia dan luar negeri. Ia tinggal di Inggris dan merupakan anggota The Guild of Food Writers UK.

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