William Wongso

Culinary Expert

William Wongso was born in Malang, Indonesia, and is an active consultant and founder of many culinary businesses in the field of gastronomy. Known abroad as the Indonesian Culinary Ambassador, William received the 2018 Medaille d’Honneur from the Academie du Pain Indonesia in Paris and earned the nickname ‘Diplomat Rendang’. He is the founder of Aku Cinta Indonesian Food (ACMI), and has become a world-acclaimed chef. He has won many prestigious awards, including a culinary award from former vice president Jusuf Kalla in 2008, and his book entitled ‘Flavors of Indonesia’ was awarded the prestigious international award “Best Cookbook of the Year” by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2017. William was recently honoured to be asked to mentor Gordon Ramsay for his TV program ‘Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted’ which studies the culture and cuisine of West Sumatra, in particular rendang.

William Wongso lahir di Malang, Indonesia, dan merupakan konsultan aktif dan pendiri banyak bisnis kuliner di bidang gastronomi. Dikenal di luar negeri sebagai Duta Kuliner Indonesia, William menerima Medaille d’Honneur 2018 dari Academie du Pain Indonesia di Paris dan mendapat julukan ‘Diplomat Rendang’. Dia adalah pendiri Aku Cinta Indonesian Food (ACMI) dan telah menjadi koki yang diakui dunia. Berbagai penghargaan bergengsi telah diraihnya, termasuk penghargaan kuliner dari mantan wakil presiden Jusuf Kalla pada tahun 2008, dan bukunya yang berjudul ‘Rasa Indonesia’ dianugerahi penghargaan internasional bergengsi “Buku Masak Terbaik Tahun Ini” oleh Gourmand World Cookbook Awards pada tahun 2017. William baru-baru ini mendapat kehormatan menjadi mentor Gordon Ramsay untuk program TV-nya ‘Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted’ yang mempelajari budaya dan masakan Sumatera Barat, khususnya rendang.

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