Chef Ragil and The Beauty of Bali Aga

Start: 26 Jun 2022 | 10:00 - 11:00
Category: Venue: Teater Kuliner @Taman Kuliner. Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud (Google Maps)

The Canadian Government through NSLIC project supports the local incomes, which is crucial especially women’s income since COVID-19 has further depressed women’s labor force participation, and severely hits the informal sector/other sectors that employ many female workers e.g trade, hotels, restaurants and services. Especially in Bali, which economy is severely impacted by Covid19 because the province is heavily dependent on the tourism and other related service businesses.

Through multi-parties’ collaborations include the collaboration with Nusa Gastronomy and Chef Ragil, the NSLIC bilateral Project promotes the Bali Aga ancient recipes which have never been recorded before. The book will be selling online and at the bookstores, and selling profit will be used to support the women groups in Buleleng, to build their culinary businesses, to improve their skills, and to increase their incomes

Chef Ragil, together with the women of the Bali Aga community, will cook up their unique dishes of Lawar Klungah (Desa Cempaga) and Sate Biu (Desa Sidetapa).

Supported by Canada Government through NSLIC program

Pemerintah Kanada melalui proyek NSLIC mendukung pendapatan lokal yang sangat penting terutama pendapatan perempuan karena COVID-19 semakin menekan partisipasi angkatan kerja perempuan, dan sangat memukul sektor informal/sektor lain yang mempekerjakan banyak pekerja perempuan, misalnya perdagangan, hotel, restoran dan jasa. Khususnya di Bali yang perekonomiannya sangat terdampak Covid19 karena sangat bergantung pada pariwisata dan bisnis jasa terkait lainnya.

Melalui kerja sama multi pihak termasuk kerja sama dengan Nusa Gastronomy dan Chef Ragil, Proyek bilateral NSLIC mempromosikan resep kuno Bali Aga yang belum pernah tercatat sebelumnya. Buku tersebut akan dijual secara online dan di toko-toko buku, dan keuntungan penjualan akan digunakan untuk mendukung kelompok perempuan di Buleleng, untuk membangun bisnis kuliner mereka, meningkatkan keterampilan mereka, dan meningkatkan pendapatan mereka.

Chef Ragil bersama ibu-ibu Bali Aga akan memasak masakan khas Lawar Klungah (Desa Cempaga) dan Sate Biu (Desa Sidetapa).

Didukung oleh Pemerintah Kanada melalui program NSLIC


Ragil Imam Wibowo

Celebrity Chef An experienced food consultant and food conceptor, Chef Ragil is the chef host of “Makan Besar”, a catering cooking show in Trans7 TV, and a popular guest chef across …