Quick Bites: Fermented Foods of Nusantara

Start: 27 Apr 2019 | 16:40 - 17:00
Category: / Venue: Joglo. Festival Hub @Taman Kuliner (Google Maps)
Cost: Free

The culinary world can’t get enough of Indonesia’s tempe, the fermented superfood that’s been a staple here for more than a century. But what other fermented delights does the archipelago offer? From dadih in Sumatra to sago in Papua, LocaLAB’s Lisa Sibagariang will share her passion for funky fermented foods.

This session will be held in Indonesian.


Lisa Sibagariang – LocaLAB

Originally from North Sumatra, Lisa began her cooking career eight years ago in Batam, when Mustika Rasa inspired her to explore and document Indonesian cuisine. Lisa thrives under the pressure of working in kitchens, which led her to join Locavore in 2016. She is now a researcher …