Dwitra J Ariana

Mupubati Farm

Dwitra J Ariana, fondly known as Dadap, is a filmmaker who decided to become a vanilla farmer. His film, Sang Pembakar, was screened at the CinemAsia Film Festival 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Another one of his films, Petani Terakhir, was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at Festival Film Indonesia 2016. A lot of his agricultural knowledge comes from his experiences filming these documentaries.

Dwitra J Ariana, akrab disapa Dadap, adalah seorang sineas yang memutuskan untuk menjadi petani vanili. Filmnya, Sang Pembakar, diputar di Festival Film Cinemasia 2017 di Amsterdam, Belanda. Satu lagi filmnya, Petani Terakhir, masuk nominasi Film Dokumenter Terbaik Festival Film Indonesia 2016. Pengetahuan pertaniannya banyak didapat dari pengalamannya membuat film dokumenter tersebut.

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