Putu Esy

Putu Esy is an Indonesian bartender and works at Locavore’s bar concept Night Rooster, where her unwavering motivation and charm now lead the team. Initially venturing out in early adult life to be a pastry chef, Putu Esy soon changed course and headed for a career in bartending. At just 18, she began working behind the bar and competing in competitions around the island, proving her supernatural talent at the craft of cocktails before joining Night Rooster, located next to its sister restaurant.

Putu Esy adalah bartender asal Indonesia yang bekerja di bar konsep milik Locavore, Night Rooster. Pesona dan motivasinya yang tak tergoyahkan kini memimpin tim di bar tersebut. Awalnya Esy berkelana untuk menjadi pastry chef, tetapi ia segera mengubah haluan dan memulai karir di bidang bartending. Pada usia 18 tahun, ia mulai bekerja di belakang bar dan bertanding di berbagai kompetisi di sekitar Bali, membuktikan bakatnya dalam membuat koktail sebelum bergabung dengan Night Rooster.

Appearing In

Special Event | Wheels of Destiny

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