Ubud Food Festival 2017 Bertaburan Bintang Kuliner Benua Asia

22 March 2017 Blog, News

Di tahun 2017 ini Ubud Food Festival dipastikan akan menjadi yang terbesar sepanjang sejarah penyelenggaraanya. Penjelajahan kuliner selama tiga hari ini akan menghadirkan superstar dunia kuliner Indonesia dan beberapa negara …

Come and get it! UFF17 lineup and tickets are on the table!

22 March 2017 Blog, News

More than 100 chefs, culinary icons, restaurateurs, environmental advocates and social innovators will descend on Bali this 12–14 May for the third Ubud Food Festival (UFF), which today releases its …

In 2017, the Ubud Food Festival will return for its third year from 12-14 May. Alongside Indonesian chefs, restaurateurs, producers and food professionals, celebrated culinary icons from around the world will dish up a program rich in fresh tastes and fresh ideas.

This year, the Ubud Food Festival will be infused with the theme ‘Every flavor is a story’. The theme celebrates Indonesia’s culinary heritage, in which every ingredient, recipe and culinary tradition tells a story of the archipelago’s history, geography and diverse cultures.

Across the Festival’s three-day program, members of the culinary industry and food lovers alike will unpack flavors, traditions and regional influences to deepen their understanding of not just what food tells us – but of the stories we tell through food.



Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking Demonstrations are one hour demonstrations of a chef's technical prowess and culinary passion, all dished up with a healthy dose of charm. There are five per day, across each of the three days of the Festival.

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Special Events

With Ubud Food Festival bringing together some of the greatest culinary names from across the archipelago and beyond, sometimes the main program just isn't enough! Join the biggest Chefs from our line-up as they put their best plate forward for your personal tasting pleasure.

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Workshop & Masterclasses

Want to learn from the hands of the culinary greats themselves? Don't miss out on our Workshop and Cooking Masterclass sessions, your chance to take an intimate learning journey with the chefs and culinary artisans you admire.

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Free Events

We know budgets are varied, so we’re dedicated to providing a huge range of free events, from our in-depth Food Forum series to night markets, film screenings, book launches and more. No need to buy a ticket, just bring yourself, and your appetite of course!

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Ubud is home to a wide range of accommodation options, from cheap and cheerful Balinese bungalows to five-star resorts nestled amongst Ubud’s expansive rice fields and mountainous ridges. No matter what your budget, browse through our range of budget, mid-range and luxury accomodation partners for the UFF17.

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Understanding the lay of the land in Ubud can be confusing, with many side-streets and laneways that are bound to lead to adventure (and a tasty meal). Use our helpful 2016 Ubud Food Festival map to guide your tongue.

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Ubud is often regarded as Bali’s cultural and artistic capital. What seems to most outsiders like one small town, Ubud actually consists of fourteen villages, each run by its own banjar, or village committee. Throughout Ubud are some remarkable places to eat, drink, learn and explore, all amongst a general feeling of peace and well-being.

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  • Pak Bondan, sang jurnalis kuliner favorit semua orang, menjelaskan mengenai hal-hal yang membuat cita rasa nusantara begitu unik dan bervariasi.

"The Indonesian culinary scene is like a salad bowl, with a whole romaine, tomato and cucumber in it, so the Indonesian culinary scene means the Balinese culinary scene, the Padangnese culinary scene, and Melayu culinary scene, in which each stands on its own, creating a beautiful rainbow of culinary scenes" – One of Indonesia's most celebrated food journalists, Bondan Winarno explains what makes the archipelago's palate so varied and eclectic.
  • "The secret at #Jimbaran is cooking the #seafood over coconut husks for a delectable smokiness, and the moist heat of the husks creates tender meat with glazed and burnished skin without dryness. If you are flying into #Denpasar at night, the smoke from the barbecues at Jimbaran bay looks like an enormous bushfire." In today's #recipe, taken from the pages of our Founder & Director Janet DeNeefe's Bali: The #Food of my Island Home, we discover what makes Jimbaran such a #culinary hot spot for locals and visitors alike. If you want to taste it for yourself, check out our Fringe Event, the Flora and Fauna of Jimbaran at the newly-opened @opiabalidining

"Daerah Jimbaran memiliki rahasia memasak hidangan laut di atas sekam untuk mendapatkan rasa unik, dan teknik ini juga menghasilkan daging yang lembut dengan lapisan luar yang terbakar. Jika Anda berada di Bali pada malam hari, asap dari pembakaran di teluk Jimbaran akan terlihat jelas." Di resep hari ini, diambil dari buku karya Founder & Director Janet DeNeefe, Bali: The Food of my Island Home, kami menemukan rahasia di balik mengapa Jimbaran selalu digemari turis maupun orang lokal. Jika Anda ingin merasakannya, ikut serta di Fringe Event UFF17, the Flora and Fauna of Jimbaran di OPIA yang baru saja dibuka.
  • Kevin Cherkas is one of #Bali's most revered #chefs. His restaurant, @cucaflavor continuously tops the lists of #Bali's best, and we're extremely proud to have worked with him and his team for the past two years. Returning for #UFF17, don't miss Cuca's sensory tasting class as part of our Fringe Events taking place in the lead-up to and after the Festival. Tickets on sale now!

Kevin Cherkas adalah salah satu chef yang paling dipuja di Bali. Restauran Kevin, Cuca, terus menduduki tempat teratas di daftar tempat-tempat terbaik Bali, dan kami sangat bangga dapat bekerja sama Kevin dan tim selama dua tahun terakhir. Kembali lagi di #UFF17, jangan lewatkan Sensory Tasting Class di Cuca, yang merupakan salah satu Fringe Events menjelang UFF. Beli tiketnya sekarang juga!
  • #UFF17 won't just be about #food; we're also home to an exciting program of live #music and #performance held each night under the stars. See some of #Indonesia's best #home-grown acts as part of our #free night program. 
#UFF17 tidak akan hanya mengenai makanan; kami juga adalah tempat untuk menikmati pertunjukan musik dan pemutaran film setiap malamnya. Tonton musisi-musisi lokal Indonesia sebagai bagian dari program malam hari gratis kami!
  • Each week, we ask our #UFF17 chefs to share their best tips from the kitchen. Heading up Bo.lan ,one of #Bangkok's premier restaurants, you can trust @chef_bosongvisava to know what she's talking about.

Setiap minggunya, kami menanyakan pada chef-chef yang akan hadir di #UFF17 mengenai tips dapur terbaik dari mereka. Kunjungi salah satu restauran terbaik di Bangkok, Bo.Lan, untuk mendapat tips dari sang juru masak, Bo Songvisava.
  • There's plenty to see and do at the #UFF, no matter how many teeth you might have! Our free #Festival Hub is home to #markets, #foodie forums, #kids activities, #food trucks, #films, #live performance, #music and much, much more. Come for the food, stay for the #entertainment.

Banyak yang dapat dilihat dan lakukan di UFF! Festival Hub UFF adalah tempat pasar makanan, forum pencinta kuliner, aktivitas si kecil, food trucks, pertunjukan musin, pemutaran film, dan masih banyak lagi. Datang untuk makan dan tinggal lebih lama untuk hiburannya.
  • Is your stomach rumbling ahead of the #UFF17?

Get stuck into our brand new teaser trailer, a #taste of things to come this 12-14 May. From action-packed #cooking demonstrations, intimate special events at the hands of some of the world's best #chefs, in-depth #food forums, #live music, #markets and #film screenings under the stars, three days is barely enough!

Shot across the #UFF16, look out the Festival favourites including Bondan Winarno, Sisca Soewitomo, @farahquinnofficial, @margaritafores , @chef_julien, @meyrickwill, @bartsfishtales plus many, many more!
  • Saving this recipe for our mid-week baking!

#Repost @bigtreefarmsbali
V day may be done but #dessert is here to stay. We’re swooning over this #vegan Cacao Tart! With a hazelnut, cacao nib crust and a decadent, creamy cacao avocado mousse filling lightly sweetened with #coconutnectar—each bite is bliss! 
For the crust:
½ cup raw hazelnuts
⅛ cup raw almonds
¼ cup Big Tree Farms Cacao Nibs
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons Big Tree Farms Coconut Nectar, Blonde
Pinch of sea salt 
For the filling:
1 ripe avocado, pitted
½ cup Big Tree Farms Cacao Powder
½ cup Big Tree Farms Coconut Nectar, Blonde
¼ cup coconut oil, melted 
1. For the crust, pulse all crust ingredients in a food processor until combined. The crust should slightly stick together.
2. Press evenly into 2, 3" tart pans or 1, 6" tart pan with removable bottom(s) and refrigerate.
3. For the filling, process all ingredients in food processor until very smooth and fill your chilled crusts. Refrigerate for an hour+ or freeze for 30 minutes. Can be kept, refrigerated for 3 days.
  • If you've spent time in #Jakarta before, you'll know that there are an endless array of new #dining experiences to try. Luckily, our #UFF17 Media Partner @now_jakarta got you covered, as one of the city's best go-to guides for everything #delicious. Thanks to their ongoing support over the years, including the printing of our tasty program book!

Bila Anda pernah menghabiskan waktu di Jakarta, pasti tahu betapa banyaknya spot-spot makan dan minum di kota tersebut. Beruntung Media Partner #UFF17 NOW! Jakarta dapat memandu Anda untuk memilih mana yang harus dikunjungi. Terima kasih atas dukungan yang terus diberikan selama ini, termasuk dalam memproduksi buku program UFF.
  • Each Indonesian city has its own star dish; the one foodies travel great distances to sample and for locals is a great source of pride. In our #Whattoeatin series we serve up quintessential dishes and snacks from major Indonesian cities, and where to find them.

This week we're off to #Balikpapan in East Kalimantan, to nibble on a new culinary icon. Story via

Setiap kota di Indonesia memiliki hidangan favorit; para pencinta kuliner bersedia menempuh perjalanan jauh untuk mencicipinya dan meminta tips terbaik dari penduduk lokal. Dalam seri #Whattoeatin, kami menghidangkan sajian klasik dari kota-kota besar di Indonesia, dan tempat terbaik untuk mencicipinya.

Minggu ini kami berada di Balikpapan, untuk mencicipi ikon kuliner baru! Baca ceritanya di