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More than just three days of eating your way across the archipelago, the Ubud Food Festival is an opportunity for producers and consumers to come together to share stories, swap ideas and unite in supporting the vibrant and sustainable future of the culinary industry. From Indonesia’s rice crisis to the agricultural smartphone apps empowering farmers, get ready for some wholesome food for thought.

Food for Thought: Festival Welcome – Generasi Inovasi

13 Apr 2018 09:30 /

The UFF18 theme ‘Generasi Inovasi’ celebrates innovative and sustainable ideas in Indonesia’s food industry, which are all creating a distinct food culture unique to the archipelago. Join UFF Founder & …

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Food for Thought: A Digital Degustation

13 Apr 2018 11:00 /

As little as two years ago food tech companies in Indonesia navigated a ‘blue ocean’ market: huge business potential with little competition. But as Qraved Founder Steven Kim warned: “Indonesia …

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Food for Thought: Clickbait vs the Art of Transcribing Taste

13 Apr 2018 12:30 /

With food reviews increasingly being reduced to lists of ‘5 places you must try (insert food fad here)’, or ‘5 dishes you must eat in (insert city here)’, is food …

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Food for Thought: The Bitter Truth

13 Apr 2018 14:00 /

The specialty coffee sector is booming in Indonesia and beyond, yet most coffee farmers struggle to rise out of poverty. Join these caffeine crusaders as they grind up the reasons …

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Food for Thought: Hope on the Horizon

13 Apr 2018 15:30 /

After China, Indonesia is the world’s second biggest producer of plastic waste, but with today’s ‘Generasi Inovasi’ there is hope on the horizon. Be inspired by these socially responsible enterprises …

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Food for Thought: The Michelin Effect

13 Apr 2018 17:00 /

From Michelin stars to Chef Hats to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, what is the actual impact of these rarefied rating systems? What effect do they have on chefs, venues, …

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Food for Thought: The People Who Feed Us

14 Apr 2018 09:30 /

Is the farm-to-table trend improving farmer livelihoods? Or is it merely a marketing tool obscuring the issues we often assume it addresses? Why do smallholder farmers remain some of the …

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Food for Thought: An Alternative to Rice

14 Apr 2018 11:00 /

The estimated annual consumption of rice in Indonesia is 33 million tonnes. Said the late Pak Bondan Winarno, “Our dependency on rice has become counterproductive to the health of our …

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Food for Thought: Innovating from the Ground Up

14 Apr 2018 12:30 /

From gluten free coconut biscotti to beetroot noodles, rambutan blossom honey to chili salt, JAVARA Indonesia works with over 52,000 farmers to produce over 700 artisanal organic products. Join JAVARA …

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Food for Thought: Can Cook, Will Travel

14 Apr 2018 14:00 /

One of the best parts of being a chef is you can do it almost anywhere. With cheffing qualifications recognized in almost every professional kitchen, the sky’s the limit for …

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Food for Thought: Documenting Indonesian Produce

14 Apr 2018 15:30 /

As one of the world’s most biodiverse nations with more active volcanoes than any other country, Indonesia’s soils yield a plethora of indigenous produce. But sadly, many have already been …

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Food for Thought: More Stories from Behind the Pass

14 Apr 2018 17:00 /

Once again we’ll step behind the pass with acclaimed chefs as they lift the lid on the glorious and grueling parts of the profession. Late nights, little sleep, performing at …

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Food for Thought: Bali’s Startup Stars

15 Apr 2018 09:30 /

A young cake baker, a creative tempe maker, a charcuterie specialist, and a small restaurant owner will share their experiences of starting a business in Bali from scratch. With honest insights …

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Food for Thought: Jakarta’s Best Eats and FoodieS Bali

15 Apr 2018 11:00 /

In late February FoodieS magazine announced the winners of its inaugural Jakarta’s Best Eats Awards and Guide (stay tuned for the Bali edition!). With the first issue of FoodieS Bali …

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Food for Thought: The Female Frontier

15 Apr 2018 12:30 /

“In the kitchen a woman has to always show that she is twice as good as a man,” said Malaysian-born Michelin-starred chef Kwen Liew in the Agence France-Presse article ‘Why do …

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Food for Thought: A Journey Through Indonesian Cuisine

15 Apr 2018 14:00 /

Join the team from our Presenting Partner ABC alongside star chefs as they discuss the history and diversity of Indonesian cuisine, from dishes eaten across the archipelago to lesser known …

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Food for Thought: Going Global

15 Apr 2018 15:30 /

One year it’s Korean, the next it’s Filipino. When will Indonesian be ‘Asian food craze of the year’? What does it take for a nation’s cuisine to turn up in …

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Food for Thought: The Magic of Maknyus – A Tribute to Pak Bondan Winarno

15 Apr 2018 17:00 /

Late last year Indonesia lost a piece of its culinary history. Father of Indonesian food writing and one of the nation’s most celebrated culinary experts, Pak Bondan Winarno is the …

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