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What better place than Ubud, one of Indonesia’s culinary capitals, to take a journey from supplier to plate. Join us on our Food Tours as we take a culinary jalan-jalan to take in the sights, smells and tastes of this incredibly diverse archipelago.

Food Tour: Gianyar Market’s Best Bites

26 Apr 2019 16:30

For adventurous foodies, there are few greater pleasures than scouring sizzling night markets for the tastiest local specialties. Local culinary guide Pak Puriana will wander with you through the region’s …

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Food Tour: Culinary Jalan-Jalan

27 Apr 2019 06:00

Join our intrepid food guides on a walking tour to the home of Ubud’s famed suckling pig, Ibu Oka’s. After kopi Bali, meet Pak Rimpin, the master of bebek betutu …

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Food Tour: Keliki Tofu Makers

28 Apr 2019 10:00

Keliki village is renowned for its unique style of painting. However, not many know this hilly village north of Ubud also produces traditional tofu. Join our short tour to learn …

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