Arnaud Hauchon

From the North of France, chef Arnaud has over 20 years experience with numerous Michelin starred restaurants, which in 2006 he synergised with his ethics, philosophies, ecological concerns and wish to approach “food as medicine”. He has since dedicated his craft to creating and refining healthy, sustainable and harmonising plant-based cuisine that reflects the seasons, is inspired by local ingredients and connects people to a natural remedy of their time and place. His professional journey has seen him across Scandinavia, California, Switzerland, the UK and Hong Kong, most recently bringing him to Bali where he joined Locavore’s team to co-create the ‘all flora, no fauna’ fine dining restaurant Herbivore.

Appearing In

Special Event | Freshly Picked

A foraging trip sourcing unique interesting ingredients from Bali’s outdoor wildlife with local expert Boss Kasida of Locavore NXT. Spend the morning exploring the area’s edible biodiversity followed by an …