A Conversation with Deepanker Khosla

Posted: 25 May 2024 Category: News
Deepanker Khosla

What do you think has changed for you and Haoma since you were last here?

When I was first in UFF, we were just starting out. Five years later, Haoma is an ecosystem of its own.

We have an abundance of fresh local ingredients in Bali. Tell us which ingredients you love to use when here in Bali. Will we expect to see some popping up in your menu for the dinner at Mozaic on June 2nd?

I am using the local fresh coral trout fish and also using local Balinese rice from Ubud to make my biryani.

This year we are launching a Sustainability Forum in exclusive partnership with the Bali Restaurant and Cafe Association, and you will be joining us in a discussion with Bali’s chefs who are pioneers in their sustainable practices at their own restaurants. What do you want people to take away from your panel discussion?

I want to take away from the panel a desire for real change in the participants and listeners. Not fabricated ideas and promises to make the panel sound better. UFF must follow up, motivate, and also whistleblow. Bali is undergoing the worst waste management crisis. Restaurants and hotels have a big role to play.

You recently won the Asia’s 50 best award for Best Sustainable Restaurant. Tell us the challenges in running a zero-waste restaurant and the reasons you think Haoma achieved this prestigious award.

A restaurant can never be zero waste. However, it can be waste positive, and that’s what we are. Creative ways of using our by-products and using things that would otherwise find their way to a canal or a landfill. There are no challenges if you adapt your processes and products to align with your vision.

About Deepanker Khosla

Deepanker Khosla is an Indian chef at Thailand’s pioneering Haōma in Bangkok, most recently crowned Asia’s 50 best Sustainable Restaurant . It is a neo-Indian, award-winning restaurant with a socially and environmentally responsible ethos, and Thailand’s first urban farm and zero waste restaurant. In 2022, it earned its first Michelin star, along with a Michelin Green Star for outstanding work in sustainability. He also received the inaugural Champions of Change Award in 2021 from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List.

Join a Journey in Sustainability with Deepanker Khosla

Chef Deepanker Khosla collaborates with Mozaic’s acclaimed chef, Blake Thornley, for a sustainable dining experience focused on reimagined authentic Indian cuisine that Deepanker calls Neo-Indian and signature dishes from Chef Blake. With the guiding principle of “Grow to Give Back,” Haoma offers a distinctive dining experience and is Thailand’s trailblazing, pioneering urban farm and zero-waste restaurant. Haoma embodies a modern-day commitment to regenerate the ecosystem, food, and community through the use of local, ethical, and sustainable ingredients.

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