Quarantine Kitchen // Mie Ayam

Posted: 26 June 2020 Category: Blog

In a time where home cooking plays an important role in our daily lives, Ubud Food Festival Presented by ABC launched a new series, Quarantine Kitchen. In this series, we will showcase simple recipes that you can follow at home, featuring our own Festival team. We hope that this video series can bring great additions to your home cooking.

Almost all Indonesians know and love mie ayam, a bowl of hot dish brought by the Chinese descendants in Indonesia. In Ubud, Janet DeNeefe loves to cook mie ayam for her family and serve it during a cold night. The broth, laced with ginger, star anise and xiao xing wine, is so full of flavor that you would want to drench the mie ayam in it.

Mie Ayam

200 gr egg noodles, boiled in hot water and strained
300 gr chicken thighs
500 ml water
3 stalks spring onion, sliced in chunks
5 cloves of garlic
50 gr ginger, smashed
3 pcs star anise
50 gr water spinach (or other leafy green vegetables), chopped roughly
3 tbsp xiao xing wine
Soy sauce
Sweet soy sauce
Sesame oil
Spring onion, sliced thinly

1. In a big pot, boil the water over medium heat and add spring onion, garlic, star anise and pepper. After 5 minutes, add the chicken thigh and boil for 10 minutes until cooked.
2. Cut the chicken into small cubes, then set aside. Meanwhile, keep the broth boiling.
3. Strain the spices off the stock, then add water spinach and salt into the broth and blanch for few minutes. Add the cooked noodle and boil for 2 minutes.
4. Put the noodle and vegetables into a bowl, then add the chicken on top of the noodle. Finish off with a sprinkle of spring onion.
5. Serve the broth separately in a smaller bowl or add it straight to the noodle. Best served while still hot.