UFF Local Heroes Update: Debby Lukito Goeyardi

Posted: 15 May 2020 Category: Blog

Tell us more about yourself and what were your activities before the Covid-19 pandemic struck?

Hello, my name is Debby Lukito Goeyardi. I am a writer for children and teen books and a literacy activist, with specialty in culinary literacy combined with eco-literacy. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, my friends in Kanaditya Anjani Dharma Foundation and I focused our works on activities related to literacy, education and social works. We have classes in different places, for example, for autistic children, or in local market for porter children, classes for their parents too, classes in Sanglah Hospital Bali for kids that suffers from cancer and thalassemia and we empower people in rural areas like in Karangasem. Other than that, we also focus on culinary literacy, combined with eco-literacy in Kerobokan Prison for Class IIA Women. However, after Covid-19, we’ve decided to stay at home first. Everything is done from home. Before that, those classes consist taught many basic skills, such as cooking skills, rafting, and a program called B.A.C.A, Bina Anak Cinta Aksara (Assisting Children to Love Literacy), where we teach 6 basic literacy skills, including culinary literacy. Our goal is to empower every child from an early age so that later they can be independent for themselves and for the community.

How does Covid-19 pandemic affect your Foundation’s activities?

There are many activities in Kanaditya Anjani Dharma Foundation that have to stop during this pandemic. Started from mid-March, we had to stop everything. Because before that, we often involve the community and kids. In one class, we could have 25 people or more. Even our Literacy for All program, the one in Karangasem, that’s minimum 200 people that we’ve empowered. All of that have to stop completely. We hope that this Covid-19 situation will get better soon, so all activities can start again, because there are so many WhatsApp from kids, from friends, everyone that we empower, they miss the activities. They’ve felt that our activities are fun but also have improved their knowledge.

What is the biggest obstacle in carrying out activities in this situation?

As long as we need to do our activities from home, the obstacle that we face is actually the technical problem. If we make our learning medium online, like using video, it is actually easy for us all because we would only need cellphone and so on. The distribution of the video as a learning media in cities that have easier access to internet is also easy and can be accessible to many. However, we’ve realized that we can’t reach our students in remote areas such as Karangasem, as the internet there is not as accessible as other areas. So, we also cannot monitor them. We previously had a community and children’s empowerment program there, where we donated ovens and mixers and some cooking equipment, taught them how to cook and also to make snacks. Now, we can’t go there to take pictures or teach them more or even provide tutorials online because they have difficulty receiving internet signal. Recently, we also set up a harvester water reservoir for one of the villagers there, and now we are unable to go there to see how it is working there or to inaugurate. Fortunately, we have received a report from one of the people we entrusted there.

Is there a way to contribute to the activities of the Kanaditya Anjani Dharma Foundation?

During this covid-19 pandemic, we’ve helped people who have food service businesses by buying their food and distributing it to our partner hospitals and health centers during this pandemic. In addition, many donors also contributed to our distribution. If you would like to participate in our Covid-19 care movement with Kanaditya Anjani Dharma Foundation, you can visit our website or directly to our Instagram, @komunitaskanaditya. Donations in the form of money or goods are all well recorded and we’ve uploaded the information on our website and on our Instagram. We are very thankful that we are still trusted by the community until now. Thank you.

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