UFF22# Partnership Report – Our Festival Made A Big Impact

Posted: 01 September 2022 Category: News

The UFF22# Partnership Report has landed, and it shows the Festival positively impacted audiences and partners who invested their time and their faith in us.

Over the weekend of 24-26 June 2022, outstanding chefs and entrepreneurs and the bright future of the nation’s culinary industry took centre stage at Taman Kuliner – a testament to Indonesia’s rising culinary status, which  the festival has championed over recent years.

Based on a participant survey, our Partnership Report 2022 demonstrates the Festival’s significant value for the local public and its capacity to help kick-start community confidence in Bali’s post-pandemic recovery. It shows that the Festival attracted new audiences and extended its vital role in assisting local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Read our report that combines exposure data and a survey of attendees. It bears witness to the extraordinary achievements of the Festival.