Weird & Wacky: Ulat Sagu

Posted: 29 March 2017 Category: Blog, News

As ubiquitous in Indonesia as eggplants, ulat sagu, or the larvae of the sago palm weevil, is only extreme-sounding as food due to the grubby connotations one has upon hearing the word ‘worm’. But this one’s a fat and juicy worm, and to the palate, it’s akin to chewing a wrinkly sausage, though granted, these protein tubs are a tad squishier. It may assume different names among different traditional cultures, but they all seem to agree on how delicious and nourishing the worms are. Serving styles vary, too: some like to chew them while wrigglingly alive, others prefer them grilled to a crisp, and others serve them tenderly soaked in broth. Delicious and nutritious!

Sama seperti terong, ulat sagu dapat ditemukan dimana-mana di Indonesia, dan terdengar ekstrim hanya karena kata ‘ulat’ yang digunakan. Namun ulat yang ini gemuk serta bersari, ketika mengunyah terasa seperti mengunyah sosis berkerut yang licin dan kaya protein. Ulat sagu digemari di banyak daerah di Indonesia dan memiliki nama yang berbeda. Cara penyajian yang juga berbeda-beda di setiap daerah, seperti dimakan hidup-hidup, dipanggang hingga garing, atau direndam dalam kaldu. Lezat dan bernutrisi!