Mandif Warokka

Mandif Warokka is an Indonesian Chef from Biak near the northern coast of Papua, and a prominent figure in the Indonesian culinary landscape. He has earned acclaim through appearances on esteemed TV reality shows such as MasterChef, Top Chef, and Hell’s Kitchen. Starting as a Commis Chef in Dubai, Mandif pursued a trainee position in the Netherlands in 2004 to broaden his culinary horizons. Upon returning to Asia, he held roles at prestigious establishments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In 2010, he became Chef de Cuisine at Jumana Bali, which gained widespread acclaim. In 2020, he represented Indonesia in the Bocuse d’Or competition in France, showcasing his talent on the global stage. In 2023, he was named Indonesian Chef of the Year by the Indonesian Chef Association.

Mandif Warokka adalah chef Indonesia asal Biak dan tokoh terkemuka dalam lanskap kuliner Indonesia. Ia dikenal melalui penampilannya di reality show TV ternama seperti MasterChef, Top Chef, dan Hell’s Kitchen. Memulai karirnya sebagai Commis Chef di Dubai, Chef Mandif melanjutkan posisi trainee di Belanda pada tahun 2004 untuk memperluas wawasan kulinernya. Sekembalinya ke Asia, ia memegang peran di perusahaan-perusahaan bergengsi di Abu Dhabi dan Dubai. Pada tahun 2010, ia menjadi Chef de Cuisine di restoran Jumana Bali. Pada tahun 2020, dia mewakili Indonesia dalam kompetisi Bocuse d’Or di Prancis, menampilkan bakatnya di kancah global. Pada tahun 2023, ia dinobatkan sebagai Chef of the Year oleh Indonesian Chef Association.

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