Nick Honeyman

Nick Honeyman is the New Zealand Co-Owner at Paris Butter in Auckland, and Le Petit Léon in the south of France. Born and raised in South Africa, Nick’s ambition to become a world-class chef was evident from a young age. He pursued his passion for cooking in Sydney, completing a rigorous four-year cooking school course in under three years. Nick honed his skills at some of the city’s most luxurious hotels before venturing to Tokyo, where he worked at Iron Chef Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai’s restaurant, La Rochelle. He then spent a year in Paris, under the tutelage of renowned Michelin-starred chefs Pascal Barbot at L’Astrance and Alain Passard at L’Arpège. Nick’s culinary journey continued with stints at acclaimed restaurants such as Becasse in Sydney and The French Café in New Zealand before establishing award-winning restaurants in Auckland, including Dallow’s, Cru at Sale St, The Commons Restaurant, and Everybody’s Izakaya. Nick ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing Auckland’s Paris Butter and the seasonal restaurant Le Petit Léon in the south of France. Paris Butter, with its fusion of fine dining techniques and interpretative French cuisine celebrating New Zealand’s local produce, has earned accolades, including Two Hats in Cuisine Magazine’s Top 50. Nick’s influence extends beyond the kitchen, with appearances on television shows such as The Best of New Zealand with Nick Honeyman, My Kitchen Rules, and MasterChef.

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Nick Honeyman adalah chef sekaligus pemilik Paris Butter di Auckland, dan Le Petit Léon di Paris. Lahir dan besar di Afrika Selatan, ambisi Nick untuk menjadi chef kelas dunia mulai terlihat sejak usia muda. Ia mengejar kecintaannya terhadap memasak di Sydney, menyelesaikan sekolah memasak selama empat tahun dalam waktu kurang dari tiga tahun. Nick mengasah keterampilannya di beberapa hotel termewah di kota itu sebelum berangkat ke Tokyo, tempat ia bekerja di restoran milik Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, La Rochelle. Ia kemudian menghabiskan satu tahun di Paris, di bawah bimbingan chef terkenal berbintang Michelin: Pascal Barbot di L’Astrance dan Alain Passard di L’Arpège. Perjalanan kuliner Nick dilanjutkan dengan bertugas di restoran terkenal seperti Becasse di Sydney dan The French Café di Selandia Baru, sebelum mendirikan restoran di Auckland, termasuk Dallow’s, Cru di Sale St, The Commons Restaurant, dan Everyone’s Izakaya. Nick terjun ke dunia wirausaha, mendirikan Paris Butter di Auckland dan restoran musiman Le Petit Léon di selatan Prancis. Paris Butter, dengan perpaduan konsep santap mewah dan masakan Prancis interpretatif yang merayakan produk lokal Selandia Baru, telah mendapatkan berbagai penghargaan, termasuk Two Hats in Cuisine Magazine’s Top 50. Pengaruh Nick melampaui dapur, dengan penampilannya di acara televisi seperti The Best of New Zealand with Nick Honeyman, My Kitchen Rules, dan MasterChef.

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