UFF17 Volunteer Stories: Deejie Deswitty

Posted: 12 July 2017 Category: Blog, News

Volunteer MC Deejie Deswitty hosts Ibu Siska Soewitomo’s session at Teater Kuliner.

Over 80 volunteers helped keep the wheels turning at UFF17 in almost every area of the Festival, from registering journalists in the Media Center to introducing sessions and speakers as MCs. In our Volunteer Stories series we’ll hear from them about their Festival experience, and all the tasty treats they tried along the way! This week we spoke to Deejie Deswitty, a returning volunteer MC who is renowned as a highly confident and cheeky Master of Ceremonies!

Deejie, what was the most delicious thing you ate at UFF17?

Probably sweets like the cakes from Bali Buda and jamu from Djamoekoe. Bali Buda had the cheapest halal food at the Festival. All the food prepared by the chefs was the best of all!

What was the most memorable moment of your UFF17 volunteer experience?

Moderating for legendary TV show host Ibu Sisca Soewitomo. At first it was a bit awkwardly shocking because she suddenly took control of the session at the very beginning, but I (finally) saw ‘loop holes’ and got the chance to join in. I thank God for giving me a silly personality which really saved my roll on that session, which I think was destined to be!

What did you learn at UFF17?

Always approach and say hi to new faces, especially when you are a returning volunteer. Trust me, it means a lot to new volunteers, especially for their confidence.

Anyone can be (accidentally) mean sometimes, even the speakers (not that I’ve experienced it). Reporting to your supervisor is essential, and always believe that not all the unfortunate things that happen are your fault.

What would you say to someone who is interested in volunteering for the first time at UFF18?

Always be happy. Even if it’s not for yourself at least someone else can benefit from it. Expect nothing but sincerity from others and always try and give your best!