2024 Festival Program

Join us for the ultimate culinary adventure from 31 May to 2 June! Explore our program of cooking demos, food talks, live entertainment, special events, dining pop-ups, workshops, and food tours around Ubud, and get ready for a mouthwatering experience like no other!

Open Kitchen | Cerita Rasa: Surabaya by Locaāhands

02 Jun 2024 14:30 /

Chef Dick Derian, culinary storyteller and creative force behind Locaāhands presents a Surabaya Street Food experience from one of Indonesia’s most vibrant gastronomic centres. Feast on rujak cingur, a bounty …

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Food for Thought | Women on Top

02 Jun 2024 15:00

Join us as we explore the evolving role of women in culinary leadership. Delving into challenges, triumphs, and opportunities, our speakers shed light on the good, the bad, and the …

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Masterclass | Ceramic Making with Rusters

02 Jun 2024 16:00

Unleash your creativity with a 3-hour hand-built pottery class at Rusters. Under expert guidance, mold and shape clay into your own bespoke cup in the relaxed, breezy atmosphere of this …

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Food for Thought | Death of the Cookbook? The Rise of Blogs and Food Influencers

02 Jun 2024 12:30

The rise of food blogs and food influencers has shifted the culinary landscape, and online platforms have become the premier place for food information. Our panel discusses the increasing impact …

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Food for Thought | Youngbloods: Emerging Chefs

02 Jun 2024 16:15

Meet the next generation of culinary innovators as they share their unique perspectives, challenges, and aspirations in the world of gastronomy. What does it take to reshape the culinary landscape, …

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Special Event | Wheels of Destiny

02 Jun 2024 18:00 /

Step into a night of cocktails crafted by the unexpected twists and turns of your own influence. The Wheels of Destiny will sit at the Night Rooster bar, and alchemist …

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Club Soda VIP Bar with DOP Ice Cream

02 Jun 2024 15:00 /

Club Soda descends on Taman Kuliner serving multi-hyphenated creative refreshments in our newly launched VIP bar. Club Soda is your new favorite postmodern happiness portal! Started out in Canggu, the …

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Film Program | The Culinary Heritage of Bali

02 Jun 2024 18:00 /

Warisan Cita Rasa Bali, or The Culinary Heritage of Bali, presents a series of short documentaries revealing the stories behind iconic Balinese culinary dishes. Join us for a special screening …

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